In our world, with modern medicine, technology, and other incredible feats, there is no lack of miracles. Every day there is something–and someone–to celebrate.

In the video below, the woman we’re celebrating is Sarah Churman. Sarah was born without any hair in her ears, and this is a serious health issue. For those who don’t know, these hairs are what transmit sound waves to the brain, so Sarah was born deaf.

However, at 34-years-old, her entire life changed. Sarah heard about a new implant that might give her the ability to hear, and she decided to try it out. The implant was a success, and after being unable to hear her entire life, Sarah is now familiarizing herself to sounds and noises that are normal to so many people around the world.

Everyone’s favorite host, Ellen Degeneres, asked this woman if she would be on her show to share her amazing journey, and Sarah said yes.

The video begins on the Ellen Show. So, what do you say we dive into it?

The video begins with Ellen wondering if all the noises in the studio, for example, the crowd’s cheering and clapping, are too loud. With a laugh, Sarah admits that even the smallest noise is too loud.

Something that comes as a surprise to everyone is that Sarah can speak perfectly fine. Those who have a hearing impairment usually have some sort of speech impediment, but Sarah’s voice is quite clear. When Ellen asks her about it, Sarah simply says that she’s a big talker (which earns a laugh from the crowd) and that she has a passion for the English language.

After talking a bit about the sounds Sarah hears, and how in awe she is of everything, Ellen turns to the crowd where Sarah’s mother-in-law, Lari, is sitting. Ellen reveals that Lari is the one who paid for the procedure. The procedure is $30,000 — per ear. Lari isn’t wealthy, and she cashed in her retirement fund, all for “the best daughter-in-law.” The audience makes sure to applaud her.

What happens next brings tears to your eyes.

Ellen says that no one should struggle financially after doing an act that great, and announces that she has a gift for them.

She reveals that her friends over at Envoy Medical Corporation, the company that supplied Sarah with one implant, will not only give Sarah the next implant for FREE but also reimburse Lari for $30,000.

The audience erupts in cheers, and Lari and Sarah cover their mouths in shock and even spill a few tears. They join Ellen on stage and share hugs.

If you’d like to watch this emotional video, click down below. I’d have a box of tissues beside you if I were you!

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